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At Present all prices on the items for sale are on application.

Prints of the artwork are available marked PA

No prints available are marked  NPA

Unlimited A3 Prints unframed are £20.00 each.

A3 prints unframed limited to one hundred and fifty are £35.00 each.

Please contact me between 9am and 6.30 for any enquiries  you may have .

Portrait commissions are undertaken with the aid of photography,  this allows the subject and the painter much more freedom than a series of sittings and keeps costs down eliminating the time and travel involved. Though using photography sounds straight forward it often  occurs that the photographs do not have quite enough detail so therefore  it is important that the photography has the detail expected in the finished painting. If the client is unsure about their images photographs can be taken by the artist,  the cost added to the final fee.

Pricing a commission is made up of four elements

  • Time required
  • Medium required i.e water oil or acrylic
  • Size of paper required for water, stretcher and canvas  required for oil or acrylic
  • Detail, this refers to detail thats added to foreground and background of the painting, adding  more time to the final completion

Estimations are free when photographs are sent with a stamped  self addressed  envelope for their return.

In addition to portrait commissions illustration is also within my portfolio.




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