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Quiet morning along Frenchmans bay, Rye

Acrylic on canvas, 1220mm x 91mm

Walking along the shingle beach at Rye harbour known as Frenchmans bay, the tide was low and the sea was almost like a mill pond. The structure of the port harbour light was the only thing interrupting the horizon.





Walking easydog on Rye beach. ( looking east)

Acrylic on canvas, 710mm x 910mm

This scene captured a moment on Rye beach in Kent.  It was a beautiful bright but cold January day and not long before sun set. Leala our boarder collie had just come from running in the sea at low tide to look for my partner Kathy (wearing warm clothes and a hat with ear flaps!). Who can be seen as the main silhouetted figure in view.






sold.  P A

In the old, out the new. ( Still in the wood )

Acrylic on canvas, 610mm x 455mm.

The old fishing boat lays abandoned upon the beach of Dungeness, her FE180 identification mark still showing to other vessels.

 Her young counterpart heads out to sea without her.


 sold.  N A

Greenwich naval collage.

Watercolour on paper. 500mm x 350mm

This scene of the collage is circa 1985. The painting was sold via a gallery but unfortunately no details of the buyer were obtainable.



Thames barge at Chelsea wharf.

Watercolour on paper,  500mm x 360mm.

The old barge sit’s  alongside the wharf at low tide, giving us a glimpse of earlier times. The scene is circa 1987, which has now changed considerably and unrecognisable.



Sold.    P A

In communion

Acrylic on canvas. 910mm x 610mm

When walking along Botany bay beach in Kent with my partner Kathy this scene presented itself. Kathy had received a text message and was in the process of replying to it when she walked into a beam of sunlight  which illuminated her head and shoulders. As an on looker it felt as though Kathy was in communication with someone on the other end of the beam.






In passage.

Watercolour on paper.  450mm x 355mm.

This scene has FE180 making another appearance. This time viewed from her stern. She’s carrying a passenger.  Its not the Gull thats in passage but the boat itself, on a journey of decay from being an old boat on a beach to becoming a part of it.




In passing.

Watercolour on paper.  500mm x 365mm

This old trawler is another of the wooden fishing boats that were abandoned on the shoreline of Dungeness, left to slowly  disappear but as a young couple pass her she appears to head into the wind as if to follow them, the rye grass taking on the roll of the sea that would have passed under her.




Oil on canvas.  550mm x 400mm

Boudica on the embankment.

Boudica looks out across the Thames while the Friday evening rush hour traffic heads home for the weekend. The sun begins to set on the horizon of  city and the lights come on for the night.



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