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Oak coffee table L 1500mm x W 1100mm x H 430mm This coffee table was made for a large room, its iamentions were my clients instruction. Finish oil coated.



Oak door. Traditional four ledge door

IMG_0213.JPG 3rd ed

Leafed table cabinet

I designed this piece to accommodate a small room. A two leafed round top, to easily pass by and  free up needed living space when not in use.  The cabinet has two doors (lockable),  one shelf and a removable base. 750mm high, 880mm wide
IMG_0217.jpg 3rd edIMG_0205.jpg 3rd edIMG_0215.JPG 3rd ed

Key cabinet

This item was made for a client who commissioned me to design a cabinet with a church themed door, to fit into a bricked  alcove. The result was a cabinet that would look and suit many different purposes such as a free standing piece of furniture.


Viewing table.

 Pine Round top  table, 850mm high,  width 880mm. The height can be reduced if the table is to be used as a dining table by cutting the column down but once cut will be a difficult job to reverse.


Drinks cabinet

A three legged, round back drinks cabinet.

855mm high, 515mm deep, 440mm wide